YOUTILIGENT is a Big Data solution for the IoT world, collecting usage data in real-time, and converts it into meaningful business insights. The technology enables taking any disconnected device and connect it to YOUTILIGENT platform, providing a ‘Business as a Service’ cloud solution to our customers.

DEGEM deals with the production of architectural models, using 3D technology. The company’s goal is to implement three-dimensional printing technology for serial production of architectural models. Thanks to the company’s technological advantage, which enables it to create architectural models without the use of labor inputs, the company reduces the production cost by tenfold.

ECOPLANT offers a cloud-based platform for infrastructure systems, including air-compressor systems, chillers, cooling and heating systems, and vacuum-pumping systems. The company’s platform monitors, alerts, controls, and recommends settings by connecting directly to the machines (PLC) and other sensors installed on the output lines. EcoPlant’s AI platform remove false operations, idents blockages/leakages on pipes and saves up to 30% of a plant’s inefficiencies.

ROBIN Group is a fintech start-up focused on developing innovative technologies to help individuals understand and maximize their financial well-being. Robin utilizes blockchain-based solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs surrounding an individual’s economic future.

BBALANCE developed a digital-technology product that prevents stumbles and falls among older people (age 65+). The products help patients with balance disorders, dizziness and falls problem.

PAKALOT developed a smart system with a unique algorithm and business intelligence that allows it to offer her customers the best price with the minimum time to move the delivery, with no subscription fee and no obligation to the delivery company.

TEVATRONIC developed a technology that uses a unique mathematical algorithm which can save up to 75% of water and fertilizer while increasing the yield.

GROWEE is an intelligent fully automated hydroponic system, allows you to grow any plant easily, using sensing and AI technologies. The system includes remote control, automation & intelligent platform and is easy to use and time effective.

SayVU has developed a unique technology, supporting a modern digital communication system based on cellular and internet infrastructures. The system supports all the emergency solutions needed for lifesaving functions and the remote monitoring and control of individuals and groups safety needs at any time of any emergency event.

CaPow has developed an efficient technology that helps in decreasing energy crises and energy loss. In the near future, the world will completely shift towards wireless technology and use of wireless devices, the concept of wireless energy transfer aims to provide remedies to the bulky energy sources and to ‘cut the cords’ by powering these devices wirelessly.

Syracuse replaces existing electronic systems with its innovative operating protocol, independently maneuvering the crane in multiple degrees of freedom and maximal acceleration, actively restraining the load sway optimally, when reaching the destination.

eTjet is developing a new class of Electric Takeoff and Landing vehicles (eVTOL) Based on proprietary electric helicopter design. The developed IP will be licensed to leading players in the global aircraft and automotive industries. We believe we have the key to making the eVTOL dream a reality.