Why to choose SouthUp?

Your success is our success, which directly translates into success for the Gaza Envelope and the periphery. We do everything to support your success. With us, you will receive the benefits of the entire SouthUp apparatus, everything you need including complementary investment by the Israel Innovation Authority.
So, what exactly do we offer?

What we
look for

We offer an extensive ecosystem that includes business partners from diverse areas.
In general, we seek startups that:


Our ecosystem is a highly important component of our ability to provide startups with significant advantages. We work ceaselessly in order to broaden the SouthUp circle and bring in additional partners that are able to supply value to our companies.

The SouthUp ecosystem is composed of numerous parties, some that share our vision and others that not only share the vision, but have common interests. These include:

The San Diego Jewish community

including leading businesspeople and hi-tech professionals. Many are dedicated to helping us develop the Gaza Envelope and thus serve as a bridge between the American market and our startups.


an investment fund under the auspices of the Kibbutz Industries Association that assists kibbutzim in investing in cutting-edge startup companies.


has an entrepreneurship program divided into two sections: 'laboratories' and 'clinics'. The clinics help us supply our startups with various services at low cost, while the laboratories are themselves incubators for potential new startups.

Kibbutz Industries Association

consisting of some 250 factories in diverse areas. SouthUp helps connect its startups with relevant factories and executives and even establish beta sites with them.

Assorted manufacturers
and factories

SouthUp has developed a network of connections with leading factories in the Gaza Envelope in order connect them with cutting-edge innovation and to allow our companies to contact them and benefit from their resources.


We have a network of investors including those who invest in companies at various stages of development, private investors, kibbutzim, and venture capital funds.

Ministry of Defense

We cooperate with leading entities in Israel's security industries and are able to assist startups in reaching any security-related figure they need. We view this as having significant value, mainly considering our location.


SouthUp has a broad circle of service providers that specialize in hi-tech and can provide startup with affordable services.


Specialized Technology Incubators

The worlds of food, on one hand, and plastics and their recycling, on the other, are exciting, and interlink with multiple fields such as agriculture, industry, environmental preservation, biology, physiology and much more.

Although the food industry closely interfaces with the plastics and recycling industry, each is a world in itself. Believing that these are the focuses of the future, we’ve set up the recyclable plastics development incubator, and are in the process of establishing additional technology incubators in the fields of foodtech and agritech.

Southup Impact Venture Capital Fund

SouthUp Impact Investment Fund – the SIIF – is currently being set up. Its objective is to develop the Gaza Envelope and southern regions by investing in innovative enterprises that will have specific and direct impact on the region’s economy in particular, and on that of Israel and globally in general.


SouthUp maintains a cooperative relationship with the Zera’im Accelerator. Zera’im is affiliated with the Kama Fund (under the auspices of kibbutzim) and offers a unique program for startups that are relevant to kibbutz industries and have the potential to grow on kibbutzim. Zera’im targets entrepreneurs who are in advanced stages of their businesses and provides funding, professional and business knowledge, connections with factories and more. Zera’im is a strategic partner of SouthUp and a significant factor in the value we provide to startups in their initial stages.

SouthUp hub

SouthUp maintains two physical sites (a third will be opening soon) comprising 26 offices and workspaces of various sizes including communal workspaces. These spaces measure some 40 sqm on average and are suitable for companies that require space for equipment (in addition to workforce) including 3D printers, measuring devices, manufacturing, etc. We host companies in our hub from different fields, mostly startups but also companies engaged in other areas that seek an excellent work environment such as the hub provides and rent office space only.