Specialized Technology Incubators

As part of our innovation oriented perceptions and values, SouthUp has decided to make sustainability a key area in its activities and focuses. Among the issues we delve into:

  • How can we improve supplies of food to growing populations without damaging the environment?
  • Can food surpluses and waste be prevented?
  • How can we produce biodegradable storage materials?
  • What about smart technologies for producing and processing polymers, components that enable us to manufacture plastic bags, packaging and other items?


The worlds of food, on one hand, and plastics and their recycling, on the other, are exciting, and interlink with multiple fields such as agriculture, industry, environmental preservation, biology, physiology and much more.

Although the food industry closely interfaces with the plastics and recycling industry, each is a world in itself. Believing that these are the focuses of the future, we’ve set up the recyclable plastics development incubator, and are in the process of establishing additional technology incubators in the fields of foodtech and agritech.

Beyond the Plastics

We established the plastics and recycling technology incubator together with the Kafrit Group, a leader in plastics development, and the Mishtalah Foundation, which assists kibbutz communities invest in startups.

The incubator is meant for entrepreneurs at varying stages of development and provides an overall package that includes equipment, laboratories, knowhow, beta sites, and market access. This innovative track offers significant advantages over other options currently existing in the market.

The incubator team is there to help startups through all stages of development, from product concept to market penetration. The team provides labs and equipment, professional backup by experts from the Kafrit Group, assistance in accessing grants from the Israel Innovation Authority, and opportunities to receive investment grants from SouthUp’s impact fund, the Mishtalah Foundation, kibbutz communities, and investors from abroad.

The incubator is a physical and professional infrastructure accompanying the entrepreneurial ventures all the way to their success.

What we offer?

For entrepreneurs in the pre-seed stage that need to prove initial technological feasibility. When the concept is innovative and meaningful for industry, the incubator using accelerator known as “Zeraim,” meaning “seeds,” will activate the acceleration program, which provides:

  • A living stipend for up to one year
  • Professional and physical infrastructure such as designated labs, consultants, and technological mentors
  • Research services including linkage to studies and services from the Plastics & Rubber Institute
  • Connection to specialist service providers in the specific field
  • Testing applicability of innovative trends and ideas
  • A live link to real markets and the factors operating in the relevant market

The incubator program is geared to entrepreneurial ventures at the seed stage which have already run initial technological feasibility checks, consolidated a business plan, have patented an idea or hold unique intellectual property rights to their technology.

This incubator program provides:

  • Assistance in organizing the startup’s structure and managing it according to its conceptual development
  • Assistance in business development in Israel and abroad, and linking to the plastics and rubber industries
  • Accessibilizing the startups to select plastics companies as clients, to beta sites, or as joint pilots
  • Comprehensive labs and development infrastructures that allow the enterprises to carry out the entire development process within the incubator framework
  • Submissions for grants offered by the Israel Innovation Authority
  • Possibility of receiving complementary investments for grants, from the Israel Innovation Authority

The Foodtech technology incubator

Foodtech is expanding by the day. Innovation holds an essential role in food industries which must operate at lightning speed and cope with changing global conditions and demands. The way agriculture, research institutions, technology and innovation link in Israel allows us to plan for changes with long term consequences along the entire chain in the field of foodtech, and take our food technologies another step forward.

SouthUp understands that if we want startups to progress from concept to market penetration, they need professional and physical infrastructures. The incubator will therefore offer designated labs and the close backup of consultants and mentors from the field.

The incubator also provides an initial product site which allows conducting proof of feasibility testing and small scale production. Additionally, the incubator will offer a connection to the rich ecosystem in the field, including connections with kibbutz communities, farmers, and various manufacturing plants and other relevant organizations in the food industry.

Our services include:

  • Initial production site
  • Assistance in business development in Israel and abroad, and connections to diverse factors in the food industry
  • A link to service providers and experts along the entire development chain
  • Accessibilizing the startups to food companies for the purpose of running joint pilots and access to beta sites and production lines
  • Assistance in submitting R&D plans to the Israel Innovation Authority, including an extra 25% on support grants for Gaza Envelope activities
  • Creating opportunities for startups to develop their concepts in the framework of the accelerator program “Zeraim” belonging to the Mishtalah Foundation, which includes participation in funding the entrepreneur’s and the enterprise’s costs
  • Complementary investment to the Israel Innovation Authority grants where relevant