Specialized Technology Incubators

defense hub

The defense hub offers the startup companies a rich ecosystem that includes sites for experiments (on land, in air, at sea). The hub keeps close and direct connection with MAFAT (the R&D department of the ministry of defense), and operated acceleration programs in the fields of HLS security and dual solutions.

The hub is responsible to locate the startups, examine feasibility tests, integrate them in the various support programs and to connect them to the relevant partners in the industry and/or to relevant clients.

The startups enjoy:

Beyond Plastic

We established the plastics and recycling technology incubator together with the Kafrit Group, a leader in plastics development, and the Mishtalah Foundation, which assists kibbutz communities invest in startups.

The incubator is meant for entrepreneurs at varying stages of development and provides an overall package that includes equipment, laboratories, knowhow, beta sites, and market access. This innovative track offers significant advantages over other options currently existing in the market.

The incubator team is there to help startups through all stages of development, from product concept to market penetration. The team provides labs and equipment, professional backup by experts from the Kafrit Group, assistance in accessing grants from the Israel Innovation Authority, and opportunities to receive investment grants from SouthUp’s impact fund, the Mishtalah Foundation, kibbutz communities, and investors from abroad.

The incubator is a physical and professional infrastructure accompanying the entrepreneurial ventures all the way to their success.

we offer?

For entrepreneurs in the pre-seed stage that need to prove initial technological feasibility. When the concept is innovative and meaningful for industry, the incubator using accelerator known as “Zeraim,” meaning “seeds,” will activate the acceleration program, which provides:

The incubator program is geared to entrepreneurial ventures at the seed stage which have already run initial technological feasibility checks, consolidated a business plan, have patented an idea or hold unique intellectual property rights to their technology.

This incubator program provides: