Southup Impact Venture Capital Fund

SouthUp Impact Investment Fund – the SIIF – is currently being set up. Its objective is to develop the Gaza Envelope and southern regions by investing in innovative enterprises that will have specific and direct impact on the region’s economy in particular, and on that of Israel and globally in general.

The SIIF goals are:

  • To lead development of the regional economy
  • To create profits for the venture capital fund’s investors and to SouthUp
The fund’s scope will be set at $5 million, investing in some 25 to 30 startups.

The fund will invest in startups once the SouthUp technology Incubator has worked with them for a while and concluded its impressions of each.

The fund will invest in startups which:

  • Aim to do well
  • Received a grant of 75% of their budget from the Israel Innovation Authority
  • Can grow in the region, and enjoy the competitive advantages offered by the ecosystem
  • Can create numerous workplaces and regional economic mobility

With the fund’s $5 million available for investment, we can:

Portfolio Companies
New Job Position
0 M$
Invested in the Area

SIIF investors will enjoy:

  • Dividends for the fund’s lifetime irrespective of the investment’s success!
  • Anticipated returns of 5 times more than the investment
  • The option of further investment in successful companies

SIIF investors include business and hi-tech leaders from San Diego and Israel.