Innovation Center

Innovative and vibrant regional high-tech center!

Innovation Center

The Center was established in order to develop the Sha’ar HaNegev region, promote technological innovation and attract start-ups that will grow, integrate and remain in the region. In this way, we can advance economic growth and employment in the region, which we envision to become further developed, successful and vibrant.

SouthUp operates a unique program that assists start-ups and provides them with a variety of services that include: assistance in business development, assistance in application and receipt of Chief Scientist grants, connecting with mentors, assisting in placement of employees, subsidizing service provider costs and creating synergy for future investments and business continuity.
The SouthUp Innovation Center provides entrepreneurs with a range of the most professional services in the market!

SouthUp- Your next step forward



The Accelerator assists entrepreneurs from all over the country who are involved in the development of a project in many fields and are in the initial stages of developing their project.

At the head of the acceleration program is the “Hamashtela” Fund, an aid fund established by the Kibbutz Movement Economic Department, the KMA Fund and the Kibbutz Industries Association. The goal of the fund is to support kibbutzim that encourage a technology-intensive and developing industry, and to create productive partnerships by integrating technological start-ups in the fields of industry and agriculture in the various kibbutzim.


Technological Incubator

The Technological Incubator works to locate and recruit start-ups, nurture them and turn them into established technology companies operating in the region and integrated into education, community life and the employment market.

The technological incubator is intended for companies that are at an early stage in developing their start-ups and is attracting the most innovative and promising companies in Israel. Today, the incubator houses start-ups from the fields of agriculture, industrial IOT, clean tech, water, food tech and more.


The Innovation Authority is a strategic partner of SouthUp, and in our region, entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from a variety of unique benefits granted through the Innovation Authority (increased grants from the Chief Scientist, tax benefits, etc.).

As part of our participation in the incubator program, we assist the companies in applying for grants from the Chief Scientist.

With the help of the SouthUp Friends Association, which includes selected investors and service providers from the high-tech world, the incubator has developed a new growth model in the periphery and offers a wide range of services tailored to their needs.

Which companies correspond to the framework of the technological incubator?

Companies that have received or expect to receive a grant from the Ministry of Innovation (Chief Scientist) The incubator also offers assistance to companies in the application process.

Proven Feasibility companies with proven technology, from seed and on, with significant employment growth potential

Companies with strong teams Transforming a technological enterprise into an independent and well-established company is a huge challenge. The technological incubator helps companies succeed on their own and does not enter as a partner in companies.

Companies in relevant fields companies that operate in fields best suited to the local population and have the ability to match international markets, such as HLS, sustainability, agro-tech, software and more.

What do we offer to companies when they join the incubator?

50% supplement to the Chief Scientist grant

For companies operating in the Gaza envelope region

Exposure To The Friends Association Broad

Social network of investors, strategic partners and leading companies in Israel and the United States

Training and professional assistance

from leading suppliers snd service providers who gives special discounts to companies of the incubator Ease of taxation

Ease of taxation

Companies operating in the Gaza Envelope, as well as their employees, are entitled to a variety of tax benefits

Graduate students

a fresh and energetic help force! The companies will be able to save costs and help with students who have already acquired theoretical knowledge and are motivated to integrate into the labor market

Recruitment Assistance

The incubator assists in locating and recruiting qualified candidates for companies


Working side by side in an innovative work area in Kibbutz Nir Am!

Offices and workplaces for rent to freelancers, employees, start-ups, small companies and more in a high-tech, community-friendly, vibrant and young atmosphere.

The HUB is open to companies and entrepreneurs in the incubator program as well as to those who are not part of the program, but are interested in renting an office for their needs.

Entrepreneurs and companies sitting in the complex can benefit from exposure to contacts, lectures, mentors and consultants and numerous business opportunities.

In the complex:


  • meeting rooms
  • common kitchen
  • seating areas
  • WIFI
  • office furniture
  • and more !!

The complex is located 5 minutes from the Sderot train station

Welcome to the community!