SouthUp Investment Fund

After SouthUp’s various partners became familiar with the innovative companies accepted to the SouthUp incubator they decided to become more involved in future SouthUp companies. Therefore, we decided to establish the SouthUp Impact Investment Fund.

Goals of the fund

  • Stimulate increased SouthUp involvement in the companies as well as the companies’ increased commitment to goals of the SouthUp Association.

  • Generate revenues for investors in the SouthUp Impact Investment Fund.

The SouthUp Investment Fund invests in companies with high feasibility to receive grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and which are suited to develop in the northern Negev. SouthUp participates in supplemental investment in order to secure the grant from the Israel Innovation Authority.

Investors in the Fund include leading businesspeople and hi-tech professionals from San Diego and Israel as well as kibbutzim and institutional bodies.

Partners in the Fund receive regular updates and information on the companies and can make direct investments if they wish, aside from investing in the Fund. Additionally, they are entitled to make continued investments.

The startups we seek

We are able to invest in almost any area. If you have any doubts, don’t think twice! Contact us…
Beyond what most investors seek – a great team, a real need, a large market and so forth – we seek startups that are able to supply investors with true value and remain true to the goals of SouthUp: