At the beginning of 2015 a number of key figures from the fields of education and employment in Sha'ar Hanegev joined together with donors from the Jewish community in San Diego. Together, they founded SouthUp -a non-profit organization intended to formulate concrete solutions and create employment, education and community growth in the Gaza envelope localities. The professional staff, founders and mentors, copartners, friends and donors - consists of people who live and breathe the ideological vision of SouthUp, driven by true Zionism, concern and desire to bring a significant prosperity to a region which in recent years has been heard of mainly because of the complex security situation in which it has found itself.

Ambition, creativity, new ideas and a challenging and satisfying endeavor- make the collaboration with SouthUp a fascinating entrepreneurial journey.


The association is based on the belief that high-tech, technology and innovation are important growth engines that will help realize the vision. Therefore its activities are mainly dedicated to facilitating the start-ups and high-tech companies in Gaza Envelope region, while integrating them with education and community activities. The ultimate goal of the organization is to generate economic, social and technological growth in the region. In order to fulfill this goal, the association works to create an economic, social and technological ecosystem which integrates the entire factors in the region:

Business Incubator

The incubator was established with the vision that startups have the ability to produce a real change in the geographic region of Gaza envelope; they can bring economic growth by creating technological employment in the South in general and in Gaza envelope in particular. The incubator works to locate and recruit entrepreneurs and start-ups, to nurture and develop them through investors, strategic partnerships, advisors and mentors, in the hope of developing them in the region.


Starting a constructed acceleration program for entrepreneurs in diverse innovation fields, which include support, professional and business mentoring, development of the projects from the initial concept to the proof of their feasibility and preparation for raising significant investment.

All of the above alongside professional guidance of mentors and enriching lectures and workshops.

Technology and Entrepreneurship Education

Exposing youngsters and students to a variety of programs dealing with technology and entrepreneurship, practicum programs for students and creating technological employment in the Gaza Envelope region.

Integrating entrepreneurs from the incubator and the accelerator in the educational programs and individual mentoring for school children and college students.

SouthUp Friends Association

Friends Association is composed of investors and donors, service providers and partners who help realize the vision of the organization. The Friends enjoy exposure to projects and their significant contributions in taking part in the various activities of the association and the support of start-ups in order to help their growth in the region.


We choose to Innovate & Educate