Mentors & advisors

Lior Cohen

CEO WWMarket

Offer Peleg

Business dev.

Irit Israeli – Kahana

Periphery entrepreneurship Promoter

Gil Avni-Melech

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Management

Amnon Albi

Entrepreneur and founder of Start Up

Avi Munk

Entrepreneur & mentor

Sharon Shemesh


Ronnie Neuman

Entrepreneur, mentor and investor

Sarit Lamrovitz

Comprehensive marketing leader

Yoram Yeivin

VPR R&D and israeli PMC site manager

Gal Yarden

Business strategy

Zvi Lahat

Business Development Consultant at Software Nubo, director and owner of Mach 25 Ltd

Nimrod Elmish

Entrepreneur and expert in raising capital

Nir Kouris

I think social media marketing

Arnon Dinor

Entrepreneur and Venture Partner 83North

Ori Lahav

Founder and CEO OutBrain

Gal Yissar

Entrepreneur, investor and owner of Oxen9

Efrat Pogel

Creative expertise IP strategy and processes of identification of innovations

Roy Oron

CEO Sosa

Gil Keret

Co-founder and CEO of Brooks-Keret

Tina Orenstein

Trendlines Group CEO engaged in business development

Tal Laufer

CEO Spectronix

Ron Shani

CEO Akol

Shira shilo

Advisor to government incentives

Ori Choshen

CEO of VLX ventures

Uri Weinheber

Thetime CTO

Yossi Konijn

Strategic Consultant

Yossi Turkaspha

Entrepreneur, business mentor and founder of start-ups