The Technological Incubator of the association of SouthUp was established by businessmen and key figures in the education field from Israel and from San Diego, California. The goal of the incubator is to develop and promote the social and economic conditions in the Gaza envelope region, by locating and recruiting startups, nurturing them and turning them into solid technological companies operating in the region and integrated in education, community life and the employment market. With the assistance of the SouthUp Friends Association which consists of investors and high-tech service providers the incubator has developed a new growth model for the periphery. It provides companies which operate within it with a wide range of services tailored to their needs.


Which companies correspond to the framework of the technological incubator?

  • Companies that have received or expect to receive a grant from the Ministry of Innovation (Chief Scientist) - The incubator also offers assistance to companies in the application process.
  • Proven Feasibility - companies with proven technology, from seed and on, significant employment growth potential.

  • Strong teams - turning a technological enterprise into a solid independent company is a huge challenge. The technological incubator does not enter as partner in companies operating within it. It relies on them to succeed on their own.

  • Companies in relevant fields - companies that operate in fields best suited to the local population and have the ability to match international markets, such as HLS, sustainability, agro-tech, software and more.

The addition of to 50% The Chief Scientist grants

For companies operating in the Gaza envelope region

Exposure to the Friends Association

Broad social network of investors, strategic partners and leading companies in Israel and the United States


enterprise and technology

Tax policy

Companies operating in the Gaza Envelope, as well as their employees, are entitled to a variety of tax benefits

Significant discounts from suppliers and service providers

Significant benefits from leading professionals who work in collaboration with the association and give special discounts to companies of the incubator

Counseling by specialized students

Companies can save costs and be assisted by students from diverse fields programmers, digital design, preparation of marketing materials, legal advice, market research, business plans, etc.

Startups that will be approved by the investment comity, will receive matching investment to OCS

What is expected from companies at recruitment?

  • To share the vision of the technological incubator
  • To work within the technological incubator during the first two years
  • To participate in the Enrichment Program for upper middle school students on various topics related to entrepreneurship and technology
  • To use the assistance of trainees at Sapir College
  • To operate from the Gaza envelope region for 5 years
  • The incubator does not get percentage of the company, but does require payment for Rent, "management fees" and additional services