Scenaric enables two-way interaction with customers using mobile technology, without requiring app installation or download. Our solution optimizes existing company workflows, providing a smart interactive layer to their A2P (app-to-person) messaging operations.


Tevatronic's Autnomous Irrigation Control System includes wireless soil tension sensors that measure the plant’s stress levels and indicate when it is time to water.  The system determines irrigation amounts and cycle timing based on real-time data from the plant’s roots. The uniqueness of the system is its ability to start the irrigation based on the plant's stress and end it when the water will just sip into the soil up to the level of the active roots. In the autonomous mode of operation, the system can reduce water and fertilizer usage up to 75%, while increasing the yield by 7%

Pack a lot

Smart Delivery System.
A smart broker shipping platform with no membership fee or minimum packages required with up to 50% less in cost than traditional courier.


WATERSIGN Patented Technology enables real-time monitoring and management of water usage of multiple users with a single sensor (water/pressure meter), at the main inlet.


An Industrial IoT Proactive platform based on artificial intelligence that saves energy and optimizes peripheral equipment (Air compressors, Chillers, Pumps) operations. EcoPlant's AI platform remove false operations, idents blockages/leakages on pipes and saves up to 30% of a plant's inefficiencies.


ROBIN is an award winning fintech app developed and currently used in Israel.
The app is designed to be the Millennials' economic nest.


RCK is an Israeli  licensed medical cannabis company, developing high- quality medical cannabis strains. After 2 years of R&D, the company owns proprietary breeding technology and specialized cannabis strains for medical purposes.


IC Touch develops a revolutionizing biomed technology that allows blind or visually impaired people to “see” by translation of visual information captured by a camera to spatial tactile stimulation of their cornea. The stimulation is done in a non-contact way by esending spatial ultrasonic pressure waves towards the cornea of the user wearing the developed “spectacle- like” IC Touch device. aggregates all storage resources on the enterprise (cloud and on premise) and making storage easy to manage and secure while reducing up to 90% of the organization storage cost.