Friends club

Membership in the friend's club helps in raising funds that are spent on promoting the welfare of the entire Sha’ar HaNegev region, through education, culture, employment and entrepreneurship. The friends club hosts activities throughout the year – with members being invited to various meetings and social events focusing on topics at the intersection of technology, education and community

What is the club, who can be a member?

In order to jumpstart the activities of the organization and in order to facilitate our incubator (and other incubators), we set up the SouthUp Friends Club. The club is a wide collection of donors, service providers and partners who wish help us realize our vision of developing the Gaza envelope. Amongst the members are:

  • Philanthropists
  • Various investors (angles, technological accelerators, VC funds)
  • Various companies (strategic partners, service providers, local firms)
  • Kibbutzim from the area

Value proposition for club members

  • Invitations to various events in the incubator

  • Exposure to the deal-flow of the incubator – we expect to be approached by more startups than we can accept. We will direct the firms we can’t accept to other communities in the area. We will also introduce them to club members to see if they wish to invest in them or assist them in any other way

  • Various information rights relating to the incubator’s firms

  • Exposure through the website and through other marketing and PR activities of the incubator

What club members commit to
Club members commit to a donation ($2,000 / $5,000 / $10,000) per year, for three years.  You can join or renew your membership by contacting this email:

Startup firms that join the incubator will be required to pay for the services they receive. Our aim is to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on donations in the long run.


Our members

Acheatel Larry 
Acheatel Roger 
Acheatel Michael
Bielas Brenda
Bielas Wolf
Berenbaum Tina
Bramson David
Duvdevany Idit
Ellman David
Ellman Claire
Fantel Jane
Feinswog Ira
Feinswog Andrea
Galper David
Galicot Goyo

Golan Tomer
Goldstein Allan
Goldstein Meg
Goldstein Varda
Gumpel Jerry
Herscher Gideon
Jinich Roberto
Sergio, Ricardo
Keren Zvi Shimon
Khabie Daniel
Kornfeld Rick
Kornfeld Gary
Kornfeld Theresa
Lapidus Susan
Lew Bill

Levitt Gary
Lusky Gal
Michan Carlos
Malniak Noga
Margalit Eyal 
Mehlman Jessica
Plut Oded
Speigel Leo
Saloner Brett
Shack Mitch
Sharon Gilad
Sonduck Michael
Viterbi Caryn
Viterbi Alan
Viterbi Andrew