Friends Association of SouthUp

SouthUp Friends Association was established with the aim to motivate the activities of the organization, to help the incubator and companies that will be accepted, and realize the organization's vision to bring growth and socio-economic –technological development to the Gaza Envelope region. The Friends Association includes a steering committee, and it is composed of a variety of donors, service providers and copartners, which aim to assist in achieving the association's goals and its success.


Association goals

The association goals are to help start-up companies to grow, to develop, to produce a supportive community for the activities of the association and to create value for donors and copartners. The main ambition of the SouthUp is to locate and connect philanthropists to the incubator vision, to find investors and strategic partners and connect between existing and /or potential start-ups and relevant factors - investors, strategic partners, kibbutzim and more...


Membership and Activity in the Association

Membership in the Friends Association helps in mobilizing resources dedicated to the encouragement and growth of the entire Sha'ar HaNegev region, particularly through the development of education, culture, employment, and entrepreneurship. The Association activities take place throughout the year, when Friends are invited to incubator meetings and other events which enable a glimpse at a variety of educational and technological issues which dominate the social discourse. Friends receive a monthly electronic newsletter which centers the incubator news and events of the month.


Benefits for the members of  Friends Association

  • Assistance in the growth of Gaza Envelope region and realization of the vision
  • The possibility to offer infrastructure and / or services to the incubator companies and additional companies
  • Invitation to attend the various Incubator events
  • Exposure to the Incubator's Deal flow
  • Information and investment rights regarding Incubator companies
  • Exposure in the website, and in the marketing and PR activities of the Incubator


Commitment of Friends Association

The Commitment of Friends Association members is an annual contribution for the duration of three years. SouthUp Friends consist of a variety of donors and partners helping assisting to realize the vision of the development of the Gaza Envelope region:

  • Philanthropists
  • Various investors: angels, technology incubators, venture capital funds
  • Strategic partners, service providers, large companies from the Gaza envelope region
  • Sha'ar Hanegev kibbutzim


The Steering Committee of the Association

  • Wolf Biala
  • Shahar Belkin
  • Elad Yeori
  • Ofir Libstiin