One of the reasons to join the incubator is the fact that it is based on Zionist ideals and collective values, and based on socio-economic vision for the long term. But in the high-tech and business world , it is clear that a good goal is not always enough. Therefore, startup companies joining the incubator receive quite a few bonuses:
• Extended bonus - an additional 50% of the Chief Scientist grants
• Exposure to the Friends of the association - a broad social network of investors,
strategic partners and leading companies in Israel and the United States.
• Training - professional guidance of leading mentors in the fields of enterprise and
• Unique benefits – from professionals, suppliers and leading service providers, who are
collaborating with the association and give special discounts to incubator companies.
• Startups that will be approved by the investment comity, will receive matching investment to OCS
• Tax policy - companies operating in the Gaza envelope region as well as their
employees are entitled to a variety of tax benefits.
• Cooperation with the Sapir College - as part of the work in the incubator, a start-up can
integrate students from Sapir College who are near graduation, in cooperation and
coordination with the heads of the departments of Computer Science, Digital
Design, Department of Law and Department of Technology Marketing.
• Startups that will be approved by the investment comity, will receive matching investment to OCS
SouthUp is a non-profit organization. The founders are Shaar Hanegev residents and external partners, who believe in the region and know that it can become the Israeli version of Silicon Valley. The main goal of the incubator is to bring the region to an economical, social and business growth . It is led by the belief that everyone should assist in the effort to promote the Gaza envelope communities , which suffered years of unstable security situation and a negative image. However, we do not believe in a model of long-term contributions so we charge startups an acceptable ceiling for the entry into the incubator. It is important to emphasize that the incubator does not get a startup percentage.
• Especially startups that have received or expected to receive a grant from the Ministry
for Innovation (Chief Scientist).
• Feasibility proven - companies with proven technology and significant employment
growth potential.
• Strong teams - the companies must consist of a business leader and a technology leader,
professionals who share positive dynamics, ambitious, with an ambition that relates to
the organization's vision.
• Companies in relevant fields - companies operating in HLS, sustainability, agro-tech,
software and more. In addition, companies with the ability to match international
According to the goals which the technology incubator has set to itself regarding the employment and community development in the Gaza envelope, any start-up company that is accepted to the Incubator will share the organization's vision , and is requested:
• to work in the technology incubator during the first two years.
• to operate from the Gaza Envelope region for a period of 5 years at least.
Later, the company will have the option to relocate to any of Sha'ar Hanegev
kibbutzim, in order to expand and develop the community in the region.
• to use the assistance of trainees at Sapir College.
• To participate in the Entrepreneurship and Technology Enrichment Program
for upper middle school students
As of this point, there is no need to live in the Gaza envelope region in order to be in the Technology Incubator. However, we believe that entrepreneurs who start working and developing in the region will discover its relative advantages and the great potential it holds. SouthUp will be happy to help them integrate successfully in businesses and in the community.