Educational entrepreneurship

SouthUp – Works to promote youth education programs in the areas of entrepreneurship and technological innovation. SouthUp projects seek to integrate students in the growth process of companies. In addition, SouthUp operates an entrepreneurship program that combine youths, companies and hi-tech entrepreneurs.

Students Entrepreneurs
Teach students how to become leading and outstanding entrepreneurs.

A unique entrepreneurship program that operates in the framework of Sha’ar Ha’negev High School. The program integrate students into start-ups so as to provide them with entrepreneurial experience. Through the program, youths are exposed to the fascinating world of entrepreneurship while acquiring practical tools and knowledge for developing start-ups and future initiatives.

In practice, each group of students works closely with a start-up company for several months during the school year. The company provides the students with a unique and meaningful learning experience and an up-close opportunity to learn about developing and establishing a start-up—from the concept stage, writing out a business plan, through to raising funds from investors.

The Academic Internship
Academic specialization program – A project of academic interns held in cooperation with Sapir Academic College

The project is designed to integrate specialized students into start-ups in order to help them gain experience and integrate them as full-time employees after graduation. For their part, the companies benefit from an opportunity to integrate specialized students into their work during the late stages of completing their degrees.

The project’s benefits are bi-directional: Students gain practical experience, which serves as a significant springboard to the labor market; the start-ups benefit from professional work and support from specialized students.