Unique relationship with the Jewish community in San Diego, California

The Jewish Federation supports the SouthUp association and extensively provides it with financial aid.  Contacts, both of the association and the federation, make sure to update the rest of the community of all relevant events occurring in the region. We believe that mutual cooperation between the Association and the Jewish Federation is an important and significant bridge, which has the ability to connect Israeli entrepreneurs with the entrepreneurial and financial communities of San Diego, California and North America in general.

Philanthropists and investors

Many of the Jewish community in San Diego expressed their willingness and desire to help and contribute to the establishment of SouthUp Association and its extent activities, as well as the start-ups operating in the technology incubator in Sha'ar Ha Negev. San Diego community undertook to grant multi-year contributions for a long period of time, and provide a variety of other types of assistance to ensure the success of the organization's activity in the socio-economic-technological development in   Gaza Envelope region.

In addition, the association enjoys various investors, consisting of private investors, angel investors, various bodies and venture capital funds. SouthUp does not raise funds directly for the companies in the technological incubator; however, the organization is pleased to provide them with easy access to the vast network of investors, strategic partners and leading companies in Israel and the United States. With these connections, companies are expected to gain many opportunities to meet with the significant figures in San Diego and North America, to interest potential investors in their activities, to develop and expand globally and consolidate their independence.

Social and business collaborations with North America

SouthUp contacted the Faculties of Business Administration in two major universities in San Diego, aiming to generate a large number of fruitful social and business collaborations, from which the technological incubator companies will be able to learn and gain international experience. We strive to connect our companies with business leaders in North America as much as possible, both during their visit in Israel and during business travels of the companies to international events:

Fitch and Networking Events

SouthUp aims to maintain annual business events, where technological incubator companies will be able to present themselves to potential investors, businessmen from the US, students and academy professionals. 


Entrepreneurs Meetings

The incubator will bring together experienced entrepreneurs and business people from the US visiting Israel, with the Technological Incubator companies. These meetings will be held as mentoring sessions, enabling visitors to contribute their experience and provide the start-up with tips, guidance, knowledge and tools for success in the future.

Delegation to San Diego

 As part of the collaboration with the Jewish Federation of San Diego and within the framework of further cooperation with Wolfpack Ventures owned by Wolf Biella, a delegation of representatives of the companies who will be accepted in the Technological Incubator will visit San Diego. As part of the delegation, representatives of the companies will work at Wolfpack's Ventures offices and meet with mentors and businessmen of other leading companies