As part of the development of the regional ecosystem and the will to generate growth in the Gaza envelope, SouthUp joined "Hamashtela" Foundation and together they formed an accelerator program for entrepreneurs. The Accelerator is designed to assist entrepreneurs from across the country in diverse fields in the initial stages of their project. In addition, it will serve as a preview platform for the incubator. The Accelerator developers will enjoy the support and professional guidance of mentors and advisers and the cooperation with all partners in the organization.

Israel - Start-Up Nation

It is no secret that Israel is considered one of the high-tech and start-up powers in the world, and that the cause of that lies in the excellence of its human resources. Israeli industry is considered by many to be the engine leading technology in the international arena, and like a magnet in the field of information and communication technologies in particular. Although it is a small country, which is not blessed with many natural resources or stable geopolitical environment, the people living there are creative, ambitious, and enterprising, with broad vision and development capabilities.


SouthUp - your next step forward

There are more than 5,000 start-up companies in the country that develop and sell products and advanced technological services.

SouthUp operates an accelerator program for startups, and offers entrepreneurs counseling and individual guidance for the development of projects. It helps them in determining policy and creates synergies for the benefit of future investments and continuity of the companies:

  • Upgrading the workplace
  • Increasing human resources base
  • Strategic integration in the agriculture industry and the marketing systems existing in the Kibbutzim.
  • Expansion of product development capability
  • Expansion of production resources and recruiting investments resources
  • Business Development


"Hamashtela" - Assistance Fund for the support of kibbutzim

On top of the acceleration program is "Hamashtela" - an assistance fund which was established by the Department of Economics in the Kibbutz Movement, Scientists Absorbtion Foundation (KMA), the Kibbutz Industry Association and The Secretary General of the kibbutz movement Eitan Broshi. The aim of the fund is to support the kibbutzim that encourage growth of high-technology industry, and create partnerships while integrating startups technologies in the fields of industry and agriculture in various kibbutzim. "Hamashtela"is looking for startups and technology technological incubators graduates from all over the country. After a careful screening the ones chosen will be presented to the kibbutzim that are members of the   Friends Association of SouthUp.  "Hamashtela" will provide the kibbutzim with particularly favorable conditions for investment in the technological start-ups tar which have the highest chances for success, while taking most of the financial risk upon itself. Kibbutzim, factories owned by kibbutzim and agriculture sectors have obvious advantages resulting from this process:

  • Economic and technological upgrading.
  • Expanding the number of businesses and providing economic stability.
  • A chance for high profitability while increasing competitiveness in the country and the world.
  • Increasing employment opportunities in professions and professional roles previously.
  • found only outside the kibbutz.
  • Strengthening social and economic independence.


Acceleration plan of "Hamashtela" and SouthUp

As part of the acceleration program, developers will receive individual guidance of professionals - from the initial concept and throughout all stages of development, to proven sustainability and potential market. Assistance to entrepreneurs includes, among the rest, professional support, advice and personal guidance on a weekly basis depending on the nature of the project, meetings with key personnel, entrepreneurs, technology, and marketing and education professionals. In addition, the program also includes workshops, lectures and meetings with mentors for future business guidance, practical experience in the field and establishing pilot projects for the target population.

We expect that at least one member of the team will work on the project fully. At the end of the acceleration program Accelerator graduates will continue to receive support and assistance in connecting to factors in the technology and investment fields, to partners and potential customers.